Experiencing community

As KIRCHE IM KINO, we’d like to specifically promote personal and deep community. We thus offer small groups, which are also called home groups. These small groups consist of teenagers, adults and families with their children. They exchange their opinions and thoughts about God’s word and His workings in their lives.

Home Groups

KIRCHE IM KINO consists of home groups, which are as different as the people who come together within them. In these home groups, community is lived out and can thus be experienced. You have the chance to have a chat, laugh, pray, sometimes cry together and console each other. In our home groups people’s needs are pleased as well as possible.

There might be different focus areas but our four general aims can be found in every home group:

  • Gods Word
  • Prayer
  • Community
  • Care for each other

Dates: Every two weeks

Are you looking for a home group or a small group? We’d love to connect you!

Werner Pfeifer

Leader Discipleship
+43 676 9551262

ÖSM – Christians at university

There are also plenty of students of different subject areas and interests at Kirche im Kino. All of them experienced that being a Christian is relevant even today and they thus want to live out their faith together. They organise events, talks, dinners, Bible study groups and much more to have open conversations, exchange experiences and find pleasure in spending time together. Come round and bring your friends from university!

They meet up for various events very Monday evening (during lecture times). Here you can find more information on ÖSM:

If you have any questions, please contact:

And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowships, to the breaking of bread and the prayers

Acts 2:42