Our core values

The A-B-C-D-E of Kirche im Kino

A ll people are welcome
  • Innsbruck is the capital city of Tyrol and an international city of education and sports at the heart of Europe. People of different cultures get together there.
  • In KIRCHE IM KINO we encounter people openly, respectfully and lovingly regardless of their nationality, religious or social background, age and opinions.
  • We share the live-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that makes it understandable for people today. We don’t belittle the challenge of the Gospel itself but spread it courageously.

The B ible is our standard
  • The Bible determines the way we think, believe and act.
  • To put Biblical standards into practice in our lives, we’re in need of a continuous process of learning and changing.
  • Besides profound Biblical teachings (by means of preaches and lectures), it’s of great importance to think about statements in the Bible within small groups, groups of three or two or reading the Bible on your own.

C hrist is the centre of our lives
  • As Christians, the Gospel allows us to live according to the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit without focusing on achievements.
  • We thus focus on Jesus Christ in everything we do.
  • In response to the grace of God, we praise Him with our entire lives – with our words and deeds.

We’re characterised by our D uty to benefit others
  • Our church community and the community of people belonging to other churches is a visible expression of God’s love. That’s why we share our lives within our church community through
    • offering practical help to each other
    • encouraging and correcting one another
    • solving problems together
    • praying together
  • We reflect the love of our Creator by offering help to people outside our church community in the midst of hardships. We thereby cooperate with various organisations and groups, which place great emphasis on the benefit of the city we live in. We’re especially connected with Christians of other Evangelical church communities.

E vangelism leads to growth
  • We’re aiming for a constant missionary growth through our church members’ testimonies.
  • Planting churches is a possibility to enable such a growth. It’s thus vital for KIRCHE IM KINO and its planted churches to stay connected with through mutual events and supporting one another.
  • We support the growth of Christ’s global body by means of promoting missionary work in other countries and sending missionaries.

Gott spricht:

Seek the welfare of the city!

Jeremiah 29,7