Pray – support – give


speaking to God together

As KIRCHE IM KINO we’d like to pray for people we know and don’t personally know. We’d like to support each other to share the best message of the world, the Gospel, with others. Moreover, we take a stand for the spreading of the Gospel in Tyrol, Austria and Europe.

26 April

24h Gebet


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supporting our church financially

It is a matter close to our heart to make Jesus Christ as God understandable to people in a varied and creative way. We only live on members’ and KIRCHE IM KINO friends’ voluntary donations.

If you’d also like to financially support us, we’re looking forward to your donation:

Either via transaction

to Kirche im Kino (EFG), 6020 Innsbruck
IBAN: AT74 1200 0004 3500 9600
Bank Institut: UniCredit Bank Austria AG

Or directly via PayPal


taking a stand for justice together

The way we perceive Kirche im Kino serves people within and outside our church community. It offers consulting, counselling and practical help for people in every stage of life. It strengthens marriages and families; so that also children and teenagers can grow up in a protected environment. Our church stands up for socio-political themes and positive changes.

If you want to find out more about our projects, which we are involved in, please just contact us.


building God’s kingdom together

God gifts in many different ways. Every person has the opportunity and the order to help build God’s kingdom. If you want to support Kirche im Kino to continue to offer a varied programme as a church in Innsbruck, we’ll support you to find your place.
Fields of application in our church are as different as the people who are a part of it. From engineering to worship, sermon, translation and much more is on offer.

Contact us and find your place in our church.